Baby, it's cold outside.

December 2022

A private space for us to converse and connect
The two men who dropped us off at the base of the commune decided they wanted to join us but failed to ask in all the many polite ways available…

September 2022

Thank you for your patience and kindness....
Cuddles and I ran around downtown Tempe, Arizona, seemingly joined at the hip. He was my best friend and a connoisseur guide to this homeless world that…

January 2022

The squatter life.

October 2021

We’ve come to the part where I’m going to embarrass myself—a lot. There is, dear reader, no way around it. I promise you my writings aren’t about my…
The hard thing about spilling your guts online is that it has an emotional toll. Nobody did or said anything that was upsetting, as a matter of fact…

June 2021

Towards the summer’s close, Ellyn went to the courthouse to get custody of me. She wanted to “keep” me. But could she? Being kept – really being wanted…

May 2021

A reader/follower of my Twitter feed found Ellyn. I wasn’t able to find her because, well, I spelled her name incorrectly all of these years. Becky is…
I entered the Davis house with nothing but what was in my bag—the sum of all my possessions. I had neither toiletries nor underwear nor the simple sorts…

April 2021

Josh and I saw each other every moment we could find. Crucially he had a car – a dark emerald green AMC Hornet, which had “FUCK AUTHORITY” spray-painted…